The Headless CMS that's fits
the needs of the modern web.

Manage all your content in a modern web app.
Access it from everywhere!

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You and your team manage your content with a modern, realtime web application.


Documents are organized under projects. Each project can have multiple contributors under different roles and permissions.

One document can live in many environments. So you and your team can develop your content along and in sync with your software.


Headless supports all the field types needed in the modern web. From a simple string to a complete HTML editor.

Documents can linked together via relations. One to one, One to many and many to many relations are possible.

You can translate your documents in as many languages as you need.


Each change on one of your documents can have a description of the change.

These changes can be part of a revision workflow and each change can be published separately.

It is also possible to schedule the publishing of changes.


Media API
Manage API
Client Libs
To offer the best developer experience, we will add a realtime api debug console.


Headless is build with modern, enterprise ready technologies and runs on one of the leading cloud providers on the market.

The infrastructure beneath Headless is self healing and auto scaling, to provide very low response times for all of our api's and the best uptime possible.

Early Adopter Program

We started small and aim for greatness. We released a first version of Headless with a bare minimum of features to be useful. From there on the development progresses in a close communication with our early adopters.

Be one of the first and profit for life.
Every early adopter plan have all benefits from the professional plan, but with the lower price for lifetime.

Early Adopter
later Professional Plan
75 EUR
€ 399 EUR
per project / month
Schemas/Document Types

* Some features are not fully implemented yet.

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